While Curt’s recipe for Grandma’s Bread tasted OK, I believe it should have made two 8-1/2 inch long Pullman-style loaves. Mine did not come out looking like that.

I’ve been doing some reading, and so far have noticed two things:

1. I think my rise times were too short. I think these loaves should have had a 60-90 minute rise time and I did not wait that long. That would also account for the somewhat bland taste.

2. Most recipes I am looking at call for about 3 cups of flour per one-pound loaf, so I am a little curious about the dynamics of getting TWO loaves out of the same three cups of flour.

Boy do I have a lot to learn!


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    Holy Rollers

    “Mmmm, these are good rolls!” I exclaimed. “Those aren’t rolls, dummy. They’re biscuits.” “Whatever.” I don’t know where this memory comes from, or if it was an actual event. But somewhere deep in my mind, that scene plays out…

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    Dave, I do a 2 hour rise after kneading, then another 2 hours after shaping, in the pans. I basically bake the bread when it looks like it’s risen to what I think it should be.

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