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Is it wrong of me to think of "Demi Cup" when I see Demi-Glace?

Anyway, no chanting of grill grill right now. However, considering next weekend being labor day weekend, I'm getting a little antsy.


Is it wrong??? naa. The comparison does conjur up some interesting images though, but I'm not going there. I bought some mesquite chips and a new smoker box yesterday, so you can be sure I'll grill something this weekend :-)


Sounds absolutely divine!!


This sounds really good.I'll have to try it. Right now I am cooking a pot of beef burgandy--I just wish it were actually cold outside to justify this kind of heavy meal.
Are you near a Trader Joe's? They have really good sirloin filets,good quality and not too expensive.


Yes, Mccormicky there IS a Trader Joe's nearly. Here in Phoenix Arizona there really is no shortage of good beef. The Best filets, IMHO, are from Omaha Steaks and they actually have a store just a few miles away.

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