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» Breaducation - Euro hearth bread from Bucky's Barbecue Blog
T his past weekend, as I mentioned in my beef stew post, I made some European hearth bread. The recipe was a bit different from what I've used for baguettes; it used less yeast and allowed more time to rise. [Read More]


When I did pain l'ancienne last weekend. it took about three hours.

How about leaving the yeast where it is (or even less) and giving it even more rise time? I'm going to do pain l'ancienne this weekend; we'll see what I think of the rise times for that!


Interesting. Even though I transcribed the recipe from what was given to me, I never noticed that before. I did not need the dough for 10 minutes. I took the dough out of the mixer when it was still a little stickey and then needed it just enough and (added just a wee bit of flour) until most of the stickiness was gone 2-3 minutes tops.

The change **I** want to try is to omit the baking powder, bump the amount of yeast up to something more appropriate, and lengthen the rise times.

Hi Dave. I'm just curious, do you think giving the dough extra time in the stand mixer would obviate the need for 10 minutes of kneading?

Dave, how did you like this compared to recipes using only yeast instead of baking powder, too? Does it compare to any boules you've gotten at bakeries?

Dave, this looks fantastic! Maybe even I will try making yeast bread in 2007.

Dave, thanks for your words of support re: my attempts to try low carbing again. Now will you quit making all this darn bread! Really, though, it looks fabulous.

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