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I am writing from Virginia... and hoping you can help??? I will be in Phoenix over the holidays and am looking for a Buche De Noel (cake) which I would get from La Madeleine here. Do you have any idea where I might find one???


It was a decision of the company to pull out of the Arizona market. It started with the Fashion Square location, then the Tatum & Shea, and finally Camelback. I miss my regular guests from all the locations.

This is quite sad. I will have to make a special stop to one of their locations in Dallas, when I am there next.

I wonder why they lost their lease? Also I wonder why the location at Scottsdale Mall closed?

We're so disappointed. We love, love, love La Madeleine!! Where will we go for affordable French cuisine now??

This was my favorite restaurant in Phoenix. They had two managers that I always adored. Frenchie was an older gentleman who was there in the evenings when Bill and I would stop for a late snack. David was the store manager and he was so attentive each day we were there. Does anyone know where these two gentlemen have gone now that la Madeleine is closed?

I am not, the store was ran horrible. Every time I went in there it looked dirty and run down. I NEVER saw a manager on the floor. La Madeline was nice a couple of years ago. Not sure what happened to them, it's a shame though! My husband and I were surprised that they did not shut down sooner!

I actually just discovered that they had a location here in Phoenix just this week and was planning on going! I used to eat at the Boton Rouge location often. How disappointing!

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