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It must be universal. I have, (on rare occasions), gone to the WS store in San Francisco (downtown) and have encountered the same lack of customer service. I typically do not just walk out however. I ask for a Manager (or their name if there is not one on the premises) AND I ask if they have a customer comment card. I speak to the Manager, if available, and if not I will write a letter addressed to them. I also fill out a comment card and send an email to WS (or whatever store has treated me poorly). Sometimes (but shockingly not always), I get an apology. It is very sad that many employees think their job would be better if the customers did not get in their way. Bottom line: I will pay more & drive farther to get better service.

Dave - unfortunately, it's not just you. Same here in San Antonio, where unfortunately we don't have the pleasure of a nice shop nearby like you. So, I drive 50 miles or so to our "local" shop, "Kiss The Cook", where I receive similar service to what you receive at "PlateItUp". Gotta Love the name though.

Please keep up the great Blog. I check it regularly for new posts.

Hi Dave - thanks for your comments. I do truly appreciate your patronage and that of all my customers. While it's too bad you didn't get the books you wanted, I'm glad you didn't tolerate such crappy service. Obviously the clerks at Williams-Sonoma have no concept of how hard it is get customers, nor do they probably care.

Small business such as my own depend on people who believe in voting with their dollar and shopping locally. While people MAY save a few dollars in a big box store, they certainly pay a price in service (or lack thereof). Additionally, when people shop in big box stores and chains, that money doesn't stay here in our economy - it just goes to big corporations out of state. When people patronize local businesses, the money stays right here. So besides getting better service and products when shopping locally, it helps our economy - which we all need and benefit from.

You are right, Elaine! Thanks for leaving a comment here. I too thought maybe it was me. I'll continue spend my money at Plate It Up!, where the owner appreciates my business and shows it.

OMG! I know that store, it's the Biltmore, isn't it. And I thought it was just me.

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