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can i have a papillote it looks so fresh.

Dear Forence, Chef Chirent has recently opened a wonderful restaurant in Goodyear Arizona called Bistro Bernard. It is located on Indiana School just west of Litchfield Road. The food is fantastic and as it is so new he has had yet opened a website to advertise this amazing cuisine. I hope you get a chance to enjoy his wonderful new place. Diana in Goodyear

Dear Dave,

I am writing you because I am looking for Bernard Chirent.
I remember regularly going to his restaurant in Paris with my parents when I was 9-10. I cannot forget the delicious meals he cooked. I remember in particular his "mousses", whose he has never delivered the secret of the recipe.

Would you be so kind and give me his contact details?
I miss his restaurant and regret that he emigrated so far!

Thank you very much.

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