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I agree why would you purchase something for $800. so you could buy cheap meat. Maybe you would do better with higher quality meat and meat tenderizer malet.

Why would you trim the fat off the brisket? I get crazy annoyed when I can't find a full "vac pac" brisket. I want the fat, and the more the better. It's the major flavor center and, when cooked properly, provides a valuable avenue for natural tenderization. But, then again, that's the Texas Brisket aficionado in me. 10-15 lb brisket, 225 degree smoker, and 18 hours of determined "hands off" cooking to make it equally tender.

Also, not sure what prices are like in your area, but trimmed briskets seem to frequently be priced at over twice the price of ground beef, and approaching the cost, per pound, of a decent steak. This week, $4.77lb for bone in ribeye.

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